How to ship a saxophone to Cash For Sax

How to ship a saxophone

Once we make a purchase of a saxophone from a client, the first thing we give them instructions on is how to ship a saxophone and pack a saxophone so it can be shipped without damage. This also is a good reference for shipping other musical instruments. For most of the purchases we make, we will provide the seller with a Prepaid USPS or UPS shipping label. We use these two companies primarily because of the success we have had with them, but also because of the price.

UPS Ground

For buyers within the state of Florida, we use UPS Ground. UPS ground, when used in your state, is guaranteed next business day delivery. Using UPS Ground is also very affordable when used within your state. So if a seller is in Miami, Florida, we can have the saxophone in Jacksonville by the next day.

USPS Priority Mail

For most sellers, we will provide you with a Prepaid USPS Priority Mail shipping label. We have been using USPS Priority regularly to ship saxophones since 2007, and have had very few issues of damage or loss when shipping within the United States. We know most of our local carriers very well, and they know what we are shipping.

What we need from you

In order to provide a prepaid shipping label to ship a saxophone, we need for our clients to pack the saxophone so that way it cannot be damaged in transit. Once it is packed up, we need the dimensions of the box (length & width & depth), the weight, and the sellers zip code. With this information, we will email the prepaid shipping label, all you need to do is open the pdf file, print, and tape it to the shipment.

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