Makes Models of Saxophones – Quickly Identify Your Saxophone Part 2

Makes Models of Saxophones – Quickly Identify Your Saxophone Part 2

When we are ask for the makes models of saxophones that you are selling, we use this information to pinpoint the actual value of the saxophone that you have for sale. Many makes (Yamaha, Yanagisawa, Selmer, etc) have different models that they sell at different price points. If you have a Yamaha YTS-52, it has a higher cash value than a Yamaha YTS-23.  If you did not know that your saxophone is a Selmer Paris and you thought it was just a Selmer USA, there may be a few thousands of dollars difference in overall value.

For the most part, we can look at a saxophone and tell exactly what it is. We know what a Yamaha YTS-52 looks like compared to a YTS-23, and the differences in the Selmer Paris and Selmer USA models. We will give you this information in our response if you are unaware and will never take advantage of someone due to their lack of knowledge on saxophones.

Makes (Brand) Marking

The make, or brand, of a saxophone is “generally” clearly marked somewhere on the instrument, usually on the front right side of the bell. (See below)

Cannonball Make Brand Logo
Cannonball Make Brand Logo

Very rarely will a known brand have an unbranded instrument unless it is a stencil model, which in those circumstances, it may be harder for you to identify exactly what it may be. Most major brands like Yamaha, Yanagisawa, Selmer Paris, Keilwerth, Cannonball, P Mauriat, will have the saxophones clearly marked on the bell with their company logo.

Saxophone Models

Looking for a model on a saxophone can sometimes be tricky. For most saxophones, the “model” will be in one of two places;

  • Under the logo

    Saxophone Model on bell under bogo
    Saxophone Model on bell under logo – Selmer Paris Serie III
  • Above the thumb hook (on the back)
    Model number under thumb hook
    Model number under thumb hook- Jupiter JTS-889SG


Cannot find the make or model?

If you are having a hard time identifying exactly what saxophone you have, it’s no problem! Just fill out the Instrument Evaluation Form and provide us with some high resolution photographs and we can help you identify what type of saxophone you have, and the make and model is.

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