Should I sell my saxophone on ebay?

Should I sell my saxophone on ebay?

“I want to sell my saxophone, should I sell it on eBay?” If you are reading this, might be asking yourself the same question.

Sell my saxophone on ebay

Selling on eBay is great, really. You may hear a lot of horror stories about it, I know I do almost every day. I also have been selling consistently on eBay since the late 1990’s. It was a much different selling environment back then, but it has always been a useful tool to get your product out in front of thousands of buyers that you would not normally find locally.

Many saxophones that do not sell on eBay are listed very poorly. Often times, they even spell “saxophone” wrong, i.e. saxaphone.

There are some negative sides to selling a product like a saxophone on eBay though. Experience usually helps you avoid the pitfalls, so I will help you out with a few additional tips on what to do and what not to do when selling your saxophone on eBay.

Clean the saxophone

Sounds silly, but a good cleaning of the saxophone you are selling can go a long way. Wipe off the old debris & dust, but be careful not to damage anything in the process. It is easy to knock off felts, corks, and even bend keys.

Take great pictures

eBay allows you up to 12 high resolution pictures. Most cellphone cameras take very high resolution pics. Put the saxophone in good light to avoid having to use the flash. If you followed the previous step, your saxophone should look great in these high resolution photographs.

Write a clear description

“used saxaphone” or ‘I want to sell my saxophone” are not good descriptions. Buyers want to know the Brand, model, and sometimes the serial number, on the saxophone for sale. They also want to know the history of the saxophone, if you can provide it. Tell the potential buyer about how it plays, what condition the pads are in, and if it has had any major repairs or damage. The more you list, the less likely you are to get a return.

Ask the right price

Many sellers think that because they paid $X,XXX.XX for their saxophone, that it should resell for close to the same amount. Most new saxophones depreciate to 40-60% of the price that they were paid for new, even after just a few months. So, they list it that way. If the saxophone you are selling is a student saxophone, there is most likely a chance that there are dozens of the same model, in similar condition, listed for much less than your asking price. Buyers will go for those first. A little research is all you need on current market values.

No matter what – prepare for a return

eBay is funny this way. Even if you list your saxophone as “No Returns”, the buyer still has the right to return it, for whatever reason they want. Buyer protection is very high on eBay. If they buyer is not happy, then they will be returning the saxophone, many times, on your dime. You will have to eat the original shipping, and also pay for the return shipping. All this even if you did everything you were supposed to do. It is a huge downside to selling on eBay, but an experienced seller like us knows that, so we expect it.

Still wanting to “sell my saxophone” on eBay?

We hope this does encourage you to try to sell your saxophone on eBay. eBay is the best way to get the closest to the original purchase price. For many of our clients, the effort of trying to sell their saxophone on eBay is not worth the time, or the hassle. That is why we try to make fair offers to buy these saxophones fast so that they do not have to deal with the frustrations of selling on eBay. Our saxophone buying program can get you payment for your saxophone within just a few hours of filling out our Instrument Evaluation Form.

Want us to help you?

If you want to know more about your saxophone and what you should ask on eBay, fill out the form on this page and we will get back to you with some values for your saxophone. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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