Stolen Saxophones in the USA

Stolen Saxophones in the USA

The topic of stolen saxophones comes up pretty often in our shop. Since we receive about 15-30 emails a day from clients interested in selling their saxophones, we are constantly on the lookout for any red flags that may make us believe that the saxophone for sale may be stolen.

We know exactly what it feels like to have a saxophone stolen because we have been a victim more than once. One time a (former) employee stuck a saxophone in a trash bag and brought it to a dumpster during his trash run. Later, he went dumpster diving to pull it out and brought it to a pawn shop. We have cameras bro, cameras.

Here is some advice if you have had your saxophone stolen:
1. Report it to the local police

Sounds pretty basic, but this needs to happen, fast. Pawn shops are the fastest way for criminals to try and sell stolen saxophones. Pawnbrokers are required in most states to provide a list of items pawned to local law enforcement. If your item is on that list, the police will find it. Hopefully you have kept good documentation of your saxophone so that way you can prove it actually belonged to you.

2. Tell others about it

Do not be embarrassed. It happens. Post it on your facebook page, twitter, instagram or any other social media platform you can think of. Provide pictures, documentation, everything you have.

3. Share stolen saxophone information with professional instrument buyers like CashForSax

This is a very important step in the possible recovery of your stolen saxophone. There is no fool proof way of really knowing every saxophone that has been stolen in the USA, but we do extensive research on every saxophone that is offered to us for sale after our offer has been accepted.

Just a few months ago, we were contacted by a client looking to sell a saxophone to us. Once the seller accepted our offer, we did some more research on the saxophone being sold. After a basic google search of “stolen <brand> saxophone <sellers city>” we were able to find a music store in the same city who had the same model saxophone stolen just the day before we received the contact form. The only reason we knew this information was because the store posted the information on their website!

We have contacts in the industry that we can reach out to to share this information with. We will post this information online so that way any instrument buyer who researches instruments like we do can easily find out if the saxophone was stolen. It is never our intention to buy a stolen saxophone. If we do not know it was stolen, then we may just end up buying it.

Please COMMENT below if you have any other suggestions or advice on recovering stolen saxophones. You may also post any saxophones that you have had stolen (USA ONLY) and we will contact you individually to verify the information before we post it publicly.

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